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Gelenk Klinik Orthopaedic Clinic
Alte Bundesstrasse 58
D-79194 Gundelfingen
fon: +49-761-79117-228
fax: +49-761-79117-999

The Orthopedic Clinic Gelenk-Klinik has been certified as one of the main centers of endoprosthetic knee surgery in Germany

Mr. H. (44), Egypt, knee and spine patient: "The clinic to me is a comfort zone where I feel pure professionalism and experienced specialists"

Treatment: Spine Surgery and Knee surgery

Surgeon: Prof. Dr. Sven Ostermeier, Knee Specialist

Date of surgery: January 2015, November 2015, December 2015

What do you think about the clinic, the orthopaedic specialists and the staff?

The clinic to me is a comfort zone where I feel pure professionalism and experienced specialist that focus on every detail of the patients' well being and at the same time show a friendly warm caring attitude individually.

Where all your needs met during you stay in Gelenk-Klinik?

Not only we're all my needs met, but I was run through all that would take place during the operation from the moment I change to go in to the moment I am in the recovery room so I was more than ready for it all with the necessary expectations . I was also met daily by doctors and nurses during my recovery. What I want to say particularly is that my operation took double the amount of time and my wife was waiting for me and worried for seven hours or more and she was consoled by all members of staff from administration to the doctors and nurses and when I came out of surgery I found all the doctors and nurses and Claudia the international patients liason still there at night making sure I was ok and well and my wife was assured and comforted. This type of care and genuine behavior makes all the difference in the world and makes me always know that I would choose Gelenk Klinik over any other place to do any procedures in my future..

What impressed you the most?

I am impressed by how the doctors and nurses of Gelenk Klinik not only seem so professional and experienced but seem so much like a family and it comforts the patient to feel that sort of personal touch in dealings.

Would you recommend the "Gelenk-Klinik" to your friends and family?

I already recommended Gelenk to so many of my friends that had a good experience and my mother operated there successfully on both her knees at two different times and is more than satisfied.

What makes the "Gelenk-Klinik" special in your opinion?

I find Gelenk Klinik special because of so many things, it is not too big and thus it gives the right amount of attention to every patient. It is located in a small town with lots of green around perfect for rehabilitation and a fifteen minute tram ride away from a beautiful pedestrian area downtown of Freiburg. It has the friendliest nurses and in general a calming atmosphere without the intensity usually felt in a bigger hospital.

What made you choose the "Gelenk-Klinik"- probably among other offers?

I chose Gelenk Klinik due to the professionalism of the website and the sufficiency of the prompt feedback and in depth analysis and diagnosis. It made me comfortable because they seemed to know exactly what was wrong and with logical explanations for it and they gave me several options for treatments and I had prior experience with them with my mother and how they were good in pre and post surgery care in addition to the affective surgery.

What should be improved or changed?

I don't find anything necessary to change in the clinic. Maybe the bathrooms of the rooms could use a modern renovation and maybe a bridge between the two building for better connections instead of crossing the street though I liked the fresh air.

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MVZ Gelenk-Klinik
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Alte Bundesstrasse 58

D-79194 Gundelfingen



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