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Prices for Orthopaedic Surgery Germany

Orthopaedic Surgery in Germany: Price Information

Orthopaedic Surgery in Germany: Price Information

This comprehensive pricelist* includes all fees for surgery, anaesthesia, pain management, laboratory and examinations. This List does not include presurgical diagnostics and postsurgical medical aids (i.e orthesis for knee or ankle, crutches etc)
These prices are average prices. Your particular case might be different, depending on many factors such as constitution, age and prior underlying conditions.
These prices represent the average total cost for the procedure.

Pricelist Orthopaedic Outpatient Services and Diagnostics

Outpatient CareDetailsAverage Total Cost*
Clinical and Physical Investigation**per joint400 €
2nd Opinion-Service and
(You send your MRI and X-Ray-Images for evaluation)
per joint400 €
MRI-Imagingper joint800-1000 €
X-Ray-Imagingper joint200-400 €
Hyaluronic Acid Injection
1 injection350 €
Orthokine® (Platelet Rich Plasma)4 injections1.200 €
Shockwave Therapyper joint300-400 €

Pricelist Foot and Ankle Surgery

Foot and Ankle SurgeryAverage HospitalizationAverage Total Cost*
Arthrolysis, Elongation of the Achilles Tendon2 nights13.500 €
Mortons Neuroma Excision2 nights6.000 €
Metatarsophalangeal Arthroscopy2 nights6.000 €
Bunion Osteotomy (Hallux Valgus)2 nights6.200 €
Bunion Osteotomy and Arthrodesis2 nights8.500 €
Metal Plate Removal after Bunion Surgery2 nights5.100 €
Subtalar Arthrodesis2 nights9.800 €
Arthrodesis of Metatarsophalangeal Joint2 nights7.000 €
Metatarsophalangeal Prosthesis
(big toe joint replacement)
2 nights8.700 €
Ankle Arthroscopy
(minimally invasive surgery)
2 nights6.800 €
Ankle Ligament Reconstruction2 nights10.000 €
Ankle Cartilage Transplant (ACT), harvesting, cultivation and transplant
2+3 nights23.000 €
Ankle Osteotomy
5 nights20.300 €
Ankle Arthrodesis
5 nights25.000 €
Ankle Joint Replacement
(Ankle Prosthesis)
5 nights18.186 €

Price List Knee Surgery

Knee Surgery and ReplacementAverage HospitalizationAverage Total Cost*
Knee Arthroscopy2 nights5.800 €
Complex Knee Arthroscopy / Menisc Repair
(Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery)
2 nights7.400 €
Osteotomy for Knee Correction3 nights9.700 €
Surgery for Patella (knee cap) Dislocation
2 nights7.900 €
Partial Knee Prosthesis
(Unicompartmental Knee / Repicci)
4 nights14.000 €
Total Knee Replacement6 nights15.500 €
Total Knee Replacement Revision Surgery6 nights17.800 €
Knee Cartilage Transplant (ACT), harvesting, cultivation and transplant
2+3 nights (2 procedures)25.000 €
Anterior Cruciate Ligaments Reconstruction3 nights8.100 €

Price List Back and Spine Surgery

Pain TherapyAverage HospitalizationAverage Total Cost*
Spinal Cord Stimulation (Pain Therapy)4 nights7.400 €
Epidural Spinal Catheter (Racz) with Intraspinal Endoscopy3 nights8.300 €


Endoscopic Spine SurgeryAverage HospitalizationAverage Total Cost*
Endoscopically Assisted Nucleotomy3 nights9.000 €
Ventral (anterior) Cervical Discectomy (ACIF)4 nights14.800 €
Nucleoplasty Cervical Vertebra (neck)2 nights9.000 €
Nucleoplasty Lumbar Vertebra
(Lower Spine)
5 nights9.000 €
Fully Endoscopic Spine Surgery (Nucleo-Sequestrotomy)3 nights9.000 €
Percutaneous Spinal Decompression (Laser)4 nights6.500 €
Kyphoplastic or Elastoplastic Surgery of the Vertebra4 nights14.200 €


Neurosurgery & Spine SurgeryAverage HospitalizationAverage Total Cost*´
Lumbar Spinal Fusion (1 Segment)5 nights14.800 €
Lumbar Spinal Fusion (2 Segments)5 nights19.200 €
Lumbar Spinal Fusion (3 or more Segments)5 nights25.000 €
Dynamic Spondylodesis Lumbar Spine (Dynamic Fusion Surgery)4 nights20.000 €
Cervical Spinal Disc Prosthesis2 nights14.000 €
Interspinous Distractor (lower spine)2 nights8.700 €


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