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Gelenk Klinik Orthopaedic Clinic
Alte Bundesstrasse 58
D-79194 Gundelfingen
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PD Dr. Pawel Bak, Senior Consultant for Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine

Treatment specialities:

Physical medicine, rehabilitative medicine, pain management, naturopathic treatment

 PD Dr. med. habil Pawel Bak, Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine" I help patients express their needs and support them on their path of healing and returning to everyday life and work.

Every patient my team and I can help use stairs or play ball with their grandchildren without pain using the various options of conservative treatment feels like a little victory. A victory over age-related wear, overexertion at work or during sports, and sometimes even poor habits. What I enjoy about rehabilitative medicine is that we treat the person as a whole and can already take action before they fall ill.

How can I protect my back even though I do hard physical labour? How important is nutrition after prosthetic surgery? Which medical conditions can acupuncture, chiropractics, special pain therapy or herbal remedies help with? My support is tailored to the individual patient. Even after surgeries I support Gelenk-Klinik patients throughout the after-care, right up to applications and occupational reintegration.

Additional Qualifications

  • Chiropractic
  • Special pain therapy
  • Sports medicine
  • Naturopathy
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Radiation protection technical knowledge (emergency and skeleton)
  • Psychosomatic primary care

Medical Career

Medical training:

Medical placements:

  • 1987 to 1988: Registrar in the general and vascular surgery clinic, Medizinische Akademie Bromberg
  • 1989 to 1991: Registrar in the orthopaedic clinic, Universitätsklinikum Göttingen
  • 1991 to 1993: Registrar in the surgical clinics Bad Gandersheim, Osterode/Harz and Neustadt/Coburg
  • 1993 to 1996: Registrar on the orthopaedic ward at Rehabilitationszentrum Lippstadt and Klinik am Park, Bad Rothenfelde
  • 1996 to 2009: Admitted as specialist in physical and rehabilitative medicine, Institut für Physiotherapie, Friedrich Schiller University Jena
  • 2009 to 2014: Chief physician of the Rehabilitation ward / head of Berufsgenossenschaftliche Heilverfahrenssteuerung, Berufsgenossenschaftliche Unfallklinik (BGU), Frankfurt/Main
  • 2015: Section director for conservative orthopaedics, spine centre at Orthopädische Klinik Markgröningen
  • 2015 to 2017: Chief physician for conservative orthopaedics and pain management, Evangelische Stiftung Volmarstein
  • 2018 to 2021: Medical director of rehabilitation, Schön Klinik Vogtareuth and medical director of ambulatory rehabilitation, Schön Klinik Bad Aibling
  • since 2021: Physical and rehabilitative medicine specialist at

Doctorate dissertation:

  • Diagnostic significance of surface EMG and a visual technique for assessing motion stereotypes in the example of hip hyperextension

Habilitation dissertation:

  • Multidimensional assessment as rational basis for optimising the process and outcome in rehabilitation


Awards and Prizes

  • 1998: Spitzner Preis für Physikalische Medizin
  • 2010: DGOU Rehabilitation Research Award
  • 2015: Eugen Münch Prize as a member of the SMOOTH study group


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