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Gelenk Klinik Orthopaedic Clinic
Alte Bundesstrasse 58
D-79194 Gundelfingen
fon: +49-761-79117-228
fax: +49-761-79117-999

orthopedic clinic and surgeons in germany

Orthopaedic Surgery at a Private German Orthopaedic Clinic - Unique Advantages

Treatment at the orthopaedic Gelenk Klinik offers its patients many distinct advantages. Carefully monitored safety standards resulting in increased treatment success and less chance of complications.
Safety and accessibility as a travel destination: it is easy to travel to the clinic and visit the surrounding area once you are there. Availability of world-class surgical services at very competitive prices: competing favourably with health tourism destinations worldwide. Therefore, you have no need to spend extra money on long-haul flights if you are already in Europe. The comfortable clinic environment and temperate climate are favourable to an easy and quick recovery.

1. First world medical standards

Germany takes a leading role in terms of medical education, medical standards and hospital quality management. German medical research and innovative technology are of the highest standard. Compromises in quality and safety are not compatible with German culture and work ethic. German healthcare providers such as the Gelenk-Klinik, strive to be quality leaders in their fields. Externally reviewed ISO 9001 standard quality accreditation represents an ongoing quality process at Gelenk Klinik

2. No waiting lists

German providers do not have waiting lists. Thanks to a combined public and private financial support system for health care providers such as the Gelenk Klinik, orthopaedic hospital capacity for medical treatment is available and of the highest standard.

3. Reliable Safety in all details of the medical support infrastructure

Critical medical support infrastructures such as blood transfusions or transplants are monitored very carefully to avoid every possible risk for the patients.

4. German orthopaedic surgeons have unique skills and insight when it comes to joint preservation

Due to a long and broad education, German orthopaedic surgeons possess a unique set of skills. They are extremely well-trained in the fields of conservative and osteopathic treatment. They have a deep understanding of the biomechanics of joints, prosthesis and mobility, with a thorough understanding of nonsurgical osteopathic and physiotherapeutic therapy. This training gives German orthopaedic surgeons the ability to preserve as much of patients’ natural bones and tissues as possible. The underlying cause of pain and immobility is treated with the smallest possible intervention. Minimally invasive surgical techniques, partial prostheses and inlays are commonly used instead of total knee and hip replacements and are performed with precision. This range of skills preserves your chance of natural mobility and quick recovery after surgery.

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Orthopaedic Clinic Germany

orthopedic clinic and surgeon in Germany

MVZ Gelenk-Klinik
Orthopaedic Clinic

ISO 9001:2015 certified quality

Alte Bundesstrasse 58

D-79194 Gundelfingen



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