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Malunion ankle fracture: early treatment prevents arthrosis

X-ray of a malunion ankle fractureX-ray of a malunion ankle fracture. The joint surfaces in the ankle are not lined up properly and are no longer parallel. The talus (bottom) is only bearing weight at the lateral malleolus (right) due to the angulation. The unilateral load can cause arthrosis in patients. © gelenk-klinik

The term malunion ankle fracture refers to a fracture in the bones maintaining the joint that did not heal correctly. This can occur after rolling and twisting, e.g. during sports but also after falling.

If the fracture does not heal correctly, deformities or different levels can form on the joint surface in the ankle. Patients are afflicted with chronic pain and limited mobility. Abnormal biomechanical stress of the joint causes cartilage damage in the long term with subsequent ankle arthrosis.

At Gelenk-Klinik, experienced foot and ankle specialists competently examine and treat malunion ankle fractures and remaining dysfunctions. The proposed treatments are tailored to the patient's specific situation, e.g. the age or favourite sports.

Dr. med Thomas Schneider - Senior Orthopaedic Specialist

Dr med Thomas Schneider Orthopaedic Specialist, Consultant for Specialised Knee and Ankle, Hip and Shoulder SurgeryDr. med Thomas Schneider, Orthopaedic Specialist, Foot and Ankle, Hip Surgery
  • Orthopaedic Specialist at the Gelenk Klinik Orthopaedic Hospital
  • PhD (1997) University of Freiburg
  • Orthopaedic Specialist since 2004
  • Expert Consultant for Arthroscopic Ankle and Foot Surgery
  • Ankle Replacement Surgery
  • Ligament Reconstruction
  • Total Hip Replacement (McMinn)
  • Cartilage Replacement
  • Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery
  • Languages: English and German

Ankle Arthroscopic Surgery with the Potential for Joint Preservation

Expert Orthopaedic Podologist performs ankle arthroscopyExpert orthopaedic Podologist performs ankle arthroscopy ©Viewmedica

Diagnostic Ankle Arthroscopy allows the surgeon to see inside the ankle joint to find out what could be causing the ankle pain. It provides a method of evaluating the ankle and enables a detailed diagnosis of the problem to be made. Ankle arthroscopy allows the orthopaedic surgeon to see the current status of the ligaments, cartilage, synovia and bones forming the complex ankle joint. In the case of osteoarthritis of the ankle, arthroscopy shows the surgeon the current state of the cartilage tissue. Pathologic developments such as loose bodies in the synovial fluid of the ankle joint, inflammation and infection, osteophytes of the ankle and damage to the bones forming the ankle joint can also be evaluated by this method.

Ankle Ligament Reconstruction - treating chronic ankle instability

Foot specialist approach to ankle ligament reconstructionFoot specialist approach to ankle ligament reconstruction ©Viewmedica

Ankle ligament reconstruction is a surgical treatment for chronic ankle instability when ligaments are stretched or torn (ankle sprain). If ankle instability following rupture of the ligaments has not responded to conservative treatment (including physical therapy), the foot and ankle specialist is able to suture the ligaments.

Ankle ligament reconstruction or ankle ligament plastic surgery is a well tested procedure with a very reliable outcome. Ankle reconstruction can reverse chronic ankle instability and prevent further deterioration of the ankle joint. The best outcomes for this procedure are most achieved by expert orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeons.

Osteoarthritis of the ankle: methods for joint-preservation

defective position of the anklebone (talus)Arthritis of the ankle always means a loss of the cartilage layer in the ankle. The cause for loss of the cartilage layer is frequently a defective position of the anklebone (talus). This also results in a number of specific treatment options for preserving the joint © joint-surgeon

Arthritis of the ankle - wear of the ankle - typically affects younger patients. The ankle is actually less susceptible to arthritis than the hip or knee. Therefore, arthritis developing in the ankle is usually promoted by specific causes, typically accidents. Only 5% - 10% of all cases of arthritis of the ankle occur as primary arthritis of the ankle, i.e. without specific cause.

Ankle prosthesis

Ankle replacement to treat osteoarthritis of the ankleAnkle replacement to treat osteoarthritis of the ankle © Viewmedica

Ankle replacement surgery (ankle prosthesis) is a modern therapy for osteoarthritis of the ankle. For decades ankle fusion was the preferred treatment for this condition, but since 1996 ankle prosthesis surgery has delivered good results. However the application of this surgical technique demands a level of specialised understanding of foot and ankle orthopaedics that that only a few centres for foot and ankle surgery can provide.

Pricelist Foot and Ankle Surgery

Foot and Ankle SurgeryAverage HospitalizationAverage Total Cost*
Arthrolysis, Elongation of the Achilles Tendon2 nights11.900 €
Morton's neuroma Excision2 nights10.000 €
Metatarsophalangeal Arthroscopy2 nights9.800 €
Bunion Osteotomy (Hallux Valgus)2 nights9.800 €
Bunion Osteotomy2 nights10.000 €
Metal Plate Removal after Bunion Surgery2 nights8.200 €
Haglund Surgery2 nights9.200 €
Zadek Osteotomy3 nights11.500 €
Subtalar Arthrodesis4 nights17.000 €
Arthrodesis of Metatarsophalangeal Joint2 nights11.500 €
Ankle Arthroscopy
(minimally invasive surgery)
2 nights11.800 €
Ankle Ligament Reconstruction2 nights12.000 €
Ankle Cartilage Treatment3 nights17.100 €
Ankle Osteotomy
3 nights21.800 €
Ankle Arthrodesis
4 nights21.500 €
Ankle Joint Replacement
(Ankle Prosthesis)
5 nights27.200 €

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