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Patella (Knee Cap) Dislocation and Patella Surgery

PD Dr Sven Ostermeier

Patella Tracking Disorder

Knee pain may be due to Patella Tacking Disorder (PTD). This may be caused by a problem with the bones, muscles or ligaments which support the patella (knee cap), helping it to remain in the correct place.

Structural problems in the legs can cause patella problems to develop. Misalignment of the femur and tibia (the two large bones in the leg either side of the knee cap) can cause the knee cap to move out of place. This may also happen if the femoral groove is too shallow. The quadriceps are the four muscles of the knee, weakness in any one of thee can pull the knee cap to one side, as can timing problems between two of these muscles.



Ligament damage may be responsible for the problem. If the patella is injured, the lateral retinaculum (a ligament on the outside of the patella) may shrink and tighten. This can pull the knee cap out of place.

Causes of Patella Dislocation: Tracking Disorder of Knee Cap

Patella dislocation becomes likely the more the patella moves off it's normal track. The uneven pressure on one side of the kneecap may damage the cartilage underneath causing pain. This condition is called Excessive Lateral Pressure Syndrome (ELPS).

Nonsurgical Treatment of Patella disorders

The treatment of Patella Tracking Disorder is usually non surgical (particularly if this is the first time that the problem has occurred). Treatment includes physical therapy to strengthen the quadricep muscles around the knee and the hamstring at the back of the knee; rest from any activity which aggravates the problem; ice; anti inflammatory medication; and bracing or taping the patella to stabilize it.

In some cases surgery may need to be performed to adjust the position of the patella.

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