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Principle of ZRT® Matrix Therapy - Focus on Health of Individual Cells

If the individual cells are healthy, the body is healthy

ZRT® Matrix Therapy ZRT ® uses a variety of techniques, some of which are known from physiotherapy. However, ZRT® Matrix Therapy applies these methods with a new therapeutic aim.

ZRT® Matrix Therapy is built on the idea that prior to increasing overall muscle strength and coordination, the muscles and tissues require optimised living conditions including; good metabolic rate, blood flow and metabolic waste removal by improved lymphatic and venous flow.

Extracellular matrix System (ECM) systemCell milieu system (environment of the cell): the metabolic processes of the extracellular matrix (ECM) are the focus of cell biological regulation medicine. The quality of microcirculation at the tissue level defines disease states and overall health. The condition of the ECM which is not directly perfused (the cells have no direct contact with blood vessels), is of crucial importance. © Dr B. Dickreiter

The 80 trillion cells making up the human body have their own lifecycle

    Functions of the ECM

  • Transport of energy and vital substrates
  • Disposal of metabolic waste towards the lymphatic and venous systems
  • Producing chemical signals and providing hormone transfer

Although the human the body appears a continuous entity to us, it actually consists of about 80 trillion cells which are independent entities, each with it's own lifecycle. They are born, proliferate, age, and finally perish while being embedded in the extracellular matrix (ECM). Although they are individual, these cells co operate closely to support all our bodily functions.

The ECM provides for three aspects of metabolism

  1. The extracellular matrix is supplied with nutrients (including minerals) via the arterial capillaries.
  2. The cell environment is cleansed of the waste products of metabolism, via the veins and lymph vessels. A clean, well functioning and consistent ECM is essential for vital and healthy cells.
  3. The ECM provides signals and mediates the spread of hormones and chemical triggers that closely synchronise the functions and lifecycles of cells in an organ or tissue.

Disease or injury leads to the build up of waste products and the acidification of the cell environment, this in turn leads to inflammatory changes in the tissues and stimulation of pain sensors. This is what we then feel as chronic pain.

Many pathological conditions such as non-specific back pain, joint pain, inflammation of tendon attachment sites, also more general symptoms such as leg cramps, localised swelling, muscle spasms or muscle weakness can be treated radically and effectively with the cell biological ZRT® Matrix Therapy concept.

The organs of the body are a community of cooperating single cells

As a working principle, ZRT® Matrix Therapy enhances the regeneration of the body by supporting, and improving the metabolic situation of the individual cells, which together make up our organs (such as muscles and tendons). On this basis, ZRT® Matrix Therapy is relevant for every tissue and organ in the body and it’s application in cases of chronic pain and immobility in the muscle system has shown to be particularly effective.

The extracellular matrix (ECM) is the immediate environment of the cells

This is particularly important as all of the cells in the human body have no direct contact with the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. The immediate environment of every cell is a complex system of connective tissue known as the extracellular matrix (ECM).

Many diseases result from obstructed metabolism in the extracellular matrix (ECM)

As so many diseases are a result of "faulty" metabolism in the extracellular matrix, the most important discovery of ZRT® Matrix Therapy is that rehabilitation not only requires the general improvement of strength and coordination, but must focus on optimising the living conditions (including the metabolism) of single cells, as a foundation for further progress in pain management and rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation and treatment of chronic pain - addressing the underlying issue of metabolism in the extracellular matrix

It became evident to Dr Dickreiter, through his development of ZRT® Matrix Therapy, that no physical therapy will ever be effective, that does not effectively regulate the metabolism in the extracellular matrix. The bottleneck of metabolic turnover in many types of chronic disease is a distinct target of ZRT® Matrix Therapy.

If physical training alone (without addressing the underlying metabolic issues), is used to treat a a dystrophic organ or tissue, this training may even have an adverse effect, leading to increased pain and immobility.

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