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Gelenk Klinik Orthopaedic Clinic
Alte Bundesstrasse 58
D-79194 Gundelfingen
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Theresienklinik in Bad Krozingen - for your Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Theresienklinik interdisciplinary centre for rehabilitation Theresienklinik is one of our preferred partners for the rehabilitation of orthopaedic patients. The pleasant town and surroundings of Bad Krozingen, provide an ideal environment for our patients recovering from surgical procedures and their relatives. © TheresienKlinik

General Profile of the Theresienklinik Centre for Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Details & Rates for Rehabilitation Treatment

  • Standard rate: 230 EUR/day all-inclusive
  • "De Luxe" Therapy: 330 EUR/day all-inclusive with extended therapy program
  • Double Room Suite: 50 EUR extra/day
  • Free Internet access (please bring your own device)
  • Food, accommodation, therapy and doctors’ fees are included in the daily rate
  • Free unlimited entry to the adjacent Vita Classica Thermal bath
  • Guest sharing a double room with a patient: 65 EUR/day all-inclusive
  • Guests with their own single room: 95 EUR/day all-inclusive
  • Your Gelenk Klinik Patient support agent will make all the necessary arrangements for you, please enquire
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  • Web:

The Theresienklinik is one of the leading clinics in cardiology, internal medicine, trauma and orthopaedic rehabilitation. The accommodation offers a comfortable, friendly and caring environment for international patients.

Theresienklinik has 347 beds and two independent, interdisciplinary departments for cardiology and orthopaedics.

Founded in 1981 as an interdisciplinary centre, Theresienklinik is an experienced and established partner of the orthopaedic Gelenk Klinik for post-surgical rehabilitation.

Theresienklinik interdisciplinary centre for rehabilitationPatient rooms at the Theresienklinik are modern and all have en suite bathrooms and internet access. Relatives can reside with the patient in a comfortable and welcoming environment, whilst the patient recovers following a surgical procedure. Double suites are available. © Theresien-Klinik

Location and the area surrounding the Theresienklinic Centre for Rehabilitation

Located in the beautiful and quiet town of Bad Krozingen about 12 km from Freiburg. Bad Krozingen is a famous centre for wellness and rehabilitation. Numerous thermal wells and baths, beautiful parks and restaurants, surround a picturesque, hospitable city centre. These elements combine to create a pleasant environment for our patients and their families during the recovery period.

Orthopaedic Specialties of the Theresienklinik Rehabilitation Centre

Theresienklinik centre for rehabilitation adjacent to the Vita ClassicaThe Theresienklinik is a hospitable centre of excellence for the successful rehabilitation of international orthopaedic patients. ©
  • Treatment of disorders of posture and loco-motor system - restoring the natural and complete patterns of movement, as well as regaining and maintaining a healthy posture
  • Treating disorders of the spine, vertebral discs and the joints in order to reduce back pain and stabilise the health of the vertebral column, spinal discs and optimise the function of the central nervous system
  • Building up condition following spinal surgery, bone surgery and joint surgery rehabilitating mobility and capabilities in order to support full recovery
  • Treating damage caused by accident, sports and work injuries, in order to prevent lasting damage and chronic disease of your locomotor system
  • Treatment of chronic degenerative and inflammatory joint disease, in order to normalise metabolism, reduce pain and stop the cycle of inflammation and joint destruction
  • Treatment of all rheumatic diseases in order to reduce pain and restore mobility and strength
  • Treatment of chronic pain conditions in order to reduce pain, regaining the mobility and strength to participate in daily activities without the constant fear of pain recurrence

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PD Dr. med. Pawel Bak

PD Dr. med. Pawel Bak
Senior Consultant for Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine

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