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Increasing the temperature of deep tissue by the application of Water filtered Infrared-A (wIRA)

wIRA matrix therapie with water filtered infraredwIRA ZRT®-Matrix-Therapy with water filtered infrared is an established principle in rehabilitation. ©

The use of heat is a long, well established tradition in physical therapy. However an effective step forward in the use of local heat therapy, was achieved by the development of modern biophysics.

The natural heat source of the sun was used as the basis for this therapy. The infrared radiation from the sun, is filtered on it’s way to the ground, by the water vapor in the atmosphere. This natural filtering system was a model for the development of a therapeutically useful treatment device.

During this process, the infrared-B and-C particles remain in the water, while the Infrared (IRA) shares are allowed to penetrate through the skin into the tissue.

This approach protects the skin from burning, whilst at the same time, bringing a thermal field to the deep tissue.

In this application, it is a pure thermal radiation of the area, with no known side effects. It is the safest way known to apply radiation as a therapeutic apprioach in rehabilitation.

Therapeutic effects of wIRA in ZRT®-Matrix-Therapy

  • Increased blood circulation
  • Activation of metabolism
  • Relaxation of muscles
  • Inhibition of inflammation
  • Relief from pain
  • Improved rate of regeneration

From a cell biology point of view, the heat also aids the consistency of the cellular environment (ECM), and thus the supply of nutrients to improve gel-sol transitions (the fluidity of the liquids in the ECM is increased by transforming it from a gel (high viscosity) to a sol (liquid, low viscosity) status. Some studies report increased energy production by the cells in the heated tissue. This is a prerequisite for the healing and regeneration processes.

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