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Ankle Arthroscopy: Surgical Treatment of Osteoarthritis in the Ankle Joint

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Dr Thomas Schneider
Orthopaedic Expert Consultant for Foot and Ankle Surgery

Ankle arthroscopy (minimal invasive surgery) can treat cartilage damage
Ankle arthroscopy (minimal invasive surgery) can treat cartilage damage ©Viewmedica

Ankle preserving arthroscopic ankle surgery treats cartilage, ligaments and bones. Ankle arthroscopy has the potential to prevent early osteoarthritis of the ankle.

A permanently swollen and painful ankle might be caused by osteoarthritis of the ankle joint. Via ankle arthroscopy the foot and ankle specialist can directly inspect the bones and cartilage of the ankle joint. Damaged parts of the cartilage can be removed by a minimally invasive procedure. A rough cartilage surface will accelerate the development of osteoarthritis in the ankle. A cartilage surface, which has been made smoother by surgery, is more stable and less likely to develop into premature ankle osteoarthritis.



Arthroscopic Ankle Cartilage Repair Prevents Osteoarthritis of the Ankle

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Dr med Thomas Schneider Orthopedic Specialist, Consultant for Specialised Knee and Ankle, Hip and Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Thomas Schneider
Orthopedic Specialist, Foot and Ankle Surgery


Dr. Martin Rinio, MD, Orthopedist, Surgeon and Trauma SurgeonDr. Martin Rinio, MD, Orthopedist, Ankle-Surgeon and Trauma Surgeon
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