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This website is designed to inform international patients about treatment options available at the Gelenk Klinik orthopaedic hospital. With a desirable and accessible location, the Gelenk Klinik offers you the latest in modern orthopaedic medicine. We perform in excess of 2400 surgical procedures per year (including knee, hip and ankle replacement) and offer the latest techniques for ligament reconstruction, arthroplasty, spinal surgery, as well as arthroscopic foot, knee and ankle surgery. The Gelenk Klinik welcomes more than 250 international patients each year. All our orthopaedic surgeons speak English. Orthopaedic treatment in the German Gelenk-Klinik has a unique set of advantages for international patients.

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Shoulder Replacement or Shoulder Arthroplasty

What is Shoulder Replacement?

Total shoulder replacement or total shoulder arthroplasty
Total shoulder replacement or total shoulder arthroplasty. © Sebastian Kaulitzki -

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body. The shoulder joint is formed by the upper arm (humerus) and the shoulder socket (Glenoid). Total shoulder arthroplasty replaces both components of the "ball and socket" joint.

As is usual in joint replacement surgery, the ball at the humeral head is replaced by a metal device. The socket component is replaced by a smooth plastic device which replicates the function of the natural cartilage surface.

Autologous Spinal Disc Cell Transplant (ADCT) - Regenerating Spinal Discs

Autologous Intervertebral Disc Cell Transplantation - a new treatment to regenerate degenerated spinal discs

ADCT-Autologous DISC Cell Transplant
Degenerative spinal disc disease can be treated by autologous disc cell transplantation. © Viewmedica

Many patients, particularly following disc herniation, suffer recurrent or persistent back and leg pain. Approximately 10% of patients with spinal disc compression need repeat surgery over time. This is due (amongst other things), to the progressive degeneration of the damaged spinal disc. The disc has been injured (and suffered a loss of tissue), through traumatic herniation.

Rehabilitation with the modern Anti Gravity Treadmill

Anti Gravity Treadmill: The effect of gravity is partially or completely eliminated
Anti Gravity Treadmill: The effect of gravity is partially or completely eliminated

What is the anti-gravity treadmill?

The modern anti gravity treadmill allows normal walking or running combined with an exactly controlled reduction of bodyweight.

While a normal pattern of gait is possible inside the anti gravity treadmill the effect of gravity is partially or completely eliminated. This is particularly beneficial for patients with painful joint conditions on the lower extremity (leg), overweight patients or for patients after surgery.

The application of anti gravity treadmill training is always preceded by a medical examination. The anti gravity training is supervised by a physiotherapist.

The Gelenk Klinik Spine Centre - bringing Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery and Rehabilitation together

MRT Investigation of the Spine
The high-resolution MRI scan is important for accurate diagnosis involving intervertebral discs, vertebral bodies and intervertebral joints. The complete range of spine related diagnosis is offered in the Spine Centre at the Gelenk-Klinik Hospital. ©

Chronic back pain is often diagnosed by specialists from different fields and different areas of knowledge.

Depending on whether you consult a general practitioner, a doctor with a background in psychosomatic medicine, an orthopaedic surgeon, a neurosurgeon or a rehabilitation physician, the explanation for your problem and the treatment recommendations you receive, may vary greatly. Many patients relate the experience of having to search for an effective diagnosis of and plan of action for their back pain for a very long time.

Your Orthopedic Treatment: Joint Preserving Orthopaedic Surgery

Cutting edge safety and Precision in the Operating room.
Safety and precision in the operating room: Due to cutting edge technology and quality management Gelenk-Klinik has a perfect track record.

Our team of expert consultant orthopaedic surgeons and physicians offer private medical and surgical care of the highest standard. We use the most up to date procedures.
These procedures include the latest non surgical and minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques to speed your recovery, manage pain, treat sports injuries and all orthopaedic conditions.

Minimally Invasive Spine (MIS) or Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Expert for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Dr med Frank Haberstroh Orthopedic Specialist, Consultant for Specialised Back and Spine Surgery
Dr. Frank Haberstroh, specialist orthopaedic consultant for spine surgery
Dr Frank Haberstroh has dedicated his career to the development and practice of fully endoscopic spine surgery procedures. Since 2008 he has performed in access of 300 endoscopic spine surgery procedures each year. Dr Haberstroh is an experienced speaker on endoscopic nucleoplasty and endoscopic spine surgery at both national and international conferences (MIS).

Thanks to endoscopically guided spinal decompression, the herniated material of spinal discs, can be effectively removed via endoscopic vision. The process is gentle and supports rapid recovery of mobility.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery in Germany
A herniated disc is putting pressure on a nerve root: Open surgery VS Endoscopic Spine Surgery? A disc herniation can be identified and removed through a tubular device without open back surgery. © Joimax

Spine surgery should always be the last resort when it comes to treating chronic back pain. What does this mean?
Only after failed physiotherapy and pain therapy, should surgery of any kind, be considered at all. The spinal cord is part of the central nervous system. The density of important nerves in the area around the spine, makes this area particularly vulnerable to the possible complications of open spine surgery. The results of open spine surgery are not always successful in reducing chronic back pain. One of the reasons for failed back surgery is the formation of irritating scar tissue in the area of the spine following open spine surgery.

What is minimally invasive or endoscopic back surgery?

Endoscopic surgery takes place through a tubular device that avoids incisions into skin, muscles, nerves and bones.

Spinal Disc Replacement: supporting pain free mobility through next generation Spinal Prosthesis

Artificial spinal disc or disc replacement
Artificial spinal disc or disc replacement: When is it necessary? © Spinal Kinetics

Total disc replacement is performed when a patient is experiencing pain from a pinched nerve in the lumbar spine due to a diseased or damaged disc.

Lumbar (lower back) spinal disc degeneration is one of the most commonly diagnosed spinal diseases among adults.

At the Gelenk-Klinik spinal centre we have worked hard to find safe and reliable ways to help patients with chronic back pain caused by lumbar spinal disc degeneration.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery (Hip Prosthesis)

Osteoarthritis of the hip may require total hip replacement surgery
Osteoarthritis of the hip may require a total hip replacement surgery ©Viewmedica

Total hip replacement surgery is advised in patients for whom the hip joint has been so severely damaged by osteoarthritis, that it is no longer possible to preserve the natural joint through hip resurfacing. In this case, both the femoral head and the socket of the hip joint are replaced by metal and polyethylene components designed to restore pain free mobility. At the Gelenk Klinik our hip specialist is able to offer different designs and materials for the replacement joint and will advise on the most suitable for each individual case. The quality and durability of hip replacement is largely dependant on the expert diagnosis, the skill and experience of the hip specialist. However total hip replacement surgery is one of the most tested and successful joint replacement procedures available today.

Knee Surgery and Preservation - the Specialist's Approach

A knee specialist offers a wide range of tdiagnostic and therapeutic options
A knee specialist offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic options © Viewmedica

Surgeons at the Gelenk Klinik believe in offering a range of treatment alternatives, and have the expertise and experience to successfully treat, using minimally invasive techniques. Our surgeons tailor the treatment path to your own specific requirements and only escalate the level of intervention when absolutely necessary. Our aim in every case is to preserve as much of your natural tissue and joint as possible.

Autologous Cartilage Transplantation (ACT) -stopping osteoarthritis of the knee

Is irreversible cartilage damage still a fact of life?

Arthroscopic image of a 45 year old patient, with clearly visible damage to the cartilage surface of a knee-joint. The surface is no longer smooth and strong, but rough and vulnerable as a result of damage.
Arthroscopic image of a 45 year old patient, with clearly visible damage to the cartilage surface of a knee-joint. The surface is no longer smooth and strong, but rough and vulnerable as a result of damage.

Cartilage cells are vital as cushions inside the joints of the body. Healthy cartilage tissue keeps joints smooth, flexible and pain free. If the cartilage tissue becomes damaged, this damage tends to be permanent. Joints become painful and lose their flexibility. Cartilage cannot regenerate naturally inside the body.

After some time the bones start to collide. The joints start to become inflamed and permanently stiff, unless a prosthetic joint is implanted. This painful process represents the irreversible development of osteoarthritis.

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