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Prof. Dr. Sven Gläsker, MD, Specialist Neurosurgeon

Treatment specialities:

Minimally invasive spine surgery, nerve compression syndromes, neuromodulation

Consulting patients with tumors of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerve system, neurovascular diseases, hydrocephalus

Neurochirurg Prof. Dr. med. Sven Gläsker"Every procedure, no matter how modern, only has one purpose - helping people in pain. "

From an early age, I questioned everything and wanted to make conventional processes faster and better. I never believed in the notion: that's how it's always been done. And in a sense this is still my attitude. How can I adapt treatment so the patient is in even less pain and can recover faster?

And yet I believe it is my duty to avoid surgery if at all possible, and only discuss it with the patient as a last resort. First we develop a comprehensive approach of non-surgical treatment options which based on my experience have been successful in many cases.

Based on my medical services at the university hospitals in Brussels and Freiburg along with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the USA and residences at the Mayo Clinic and Stanford University, I can choose from a wide range of spine surgery options to suit the specific patient. Yet the most up-to-date state of medical research is always my basis for treatment.

Since my dissertation I have been working intensively with tumors of the central nervous system, and specifically Von Hippel-Lindau disease. As a long standing member of the scientific advisory committee of the association Verein VHL (von Hippel-Lindau) betroffener Familien e.V., I am also personally very close to patients and family members of this rare congenital disorder. I offer consultations and second opinions.

At the spine centre at Gelenk-Klinik we form an interdisciplinary spine team of orthopaedists, pain management specialists, neurosurgeons, rehabilitation specialists and physiotherapists. We regularly discuss our patients during doctors staff meetings and investigate the complex topic of spine disorders to the best of our abilities. My greatest pleasure is being able to help a patient, who has been in chronic pain for years, live a pain-free and stress-free life.

Additional qualifications:

  • Special neurosurgical oncology
  • Principal study physician for clinical trials
  • Clinical Risk and Quality Management

Medical Career

Medical Placements:

  • 2006 to 2015: , focuses: Neuro-oncology, vascular neurosurgery, haemangioblastomas and Von Hippel-Lindau disease, Clinical risk management (QM)
  • 2010: Recognised as a specialist neurosurgeon
  • 2012: Appointed as adjunct professor (APL) at the University of Freiburg
  • Appointed as senior physician
  • 2015 to 2019: Consultant and deputy clinic manager focuses: Neuro-oncology, spine surgery, pituitary gland surgery, JCI quality manager
  • 2015: Appointed as clinical professor
  • 2017: Appointed as ZAP professor (Zelfstandig Academisch Personeel)
  • 2019 to 2022: Neurosurgery practice of Dr. Bani und Kollegen, Singen (Hohentwiel). Focuses: Spine surgery, pain management, neuromodulation
  • 2021 Guest professorship at
  • 2022 to present: Specialist Neurosurgeon at

Doctorate dissertation:

  • „Haemangioblastomas of the central nervous system and Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease“

Habilitation dissertation:

  • „Principles of the formation of haemangioblastomas and Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease“


Awards and prizes

  • 2002 Fleckenstein-Award for doctorate dissertation of the Bayer-Leverkusen AG


Reviews and Papers

Book chapters

  • Neumann HP, Henske EP, Gläsker S, Iliopoulos O.
    Renal involvement in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and von Hippel-Lindau Disease. In: Davison AM, Cameron JS, Grunfeld JP, Ponticelli C, Van Ypersele C, Ritz E, Winearls C (ed), Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology, 3rd Edition, Oxford University Press (2005).
  • Neumann HP, Bender BU, Manz T, Gläsker S, Altehöfer C, Schulze-Seemann W, Gerling J, Schmidt D, van Velthoven V, Klisch J, Rohrbach R.
    Diagnose und Differentialdiagnose zystischer Nierenerkrankungen im Erwachsenenalter. Spektrum der Nephrologie, Spektrum Verlag Krahn e.K., Willich, pp 3-15 (2002)
  • Leiber C, Gläsker S.
    Zystadenome der Nebenhoden und der breiten Mutterbänder. In: Neumann, HP: von Hippel-Lindau (VHL). Eine patientenorientierte Krankheitsbeschreibung (PKB). Herstellung Books on Demand GmbH, Norderstedt und Verlag. ISBN: 978-3-8391-7042-7 (2010)
  • Gläsker S., Neumann H.P.H., Koch C.A., Vortmeyer A.O.
    Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome. In: Chrousos G.: Adrenal Disease and Function. Endotext the free complete source for clinical endocrinology. (2015)
  • Gläsker S., Stummer W.
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